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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm the worst blogger....

I, apparently, am not a good blogger like I intended to be when I first got this band. I thought I would be funny and witty like Amy from Cheese and Sunkist blog, but no such luck. I just can't seem to bring myself to blog all the time; however, I am here and following others and really struggling with my band after giving birth to my twins in December. I had gotten all of my fluid removed after finding out I was pregnant with twins and have been trying to get back that "green" area where I felt a good restriction without being too tight...alas, it hasn't been easy and I'm still not there.  Yesterday, I went to get a fill yet again...after just having some removed about a month and a half ago. I had .2 removed then because I was getting stuck and everything was hard to eat so I had started eating the "slider" foods just to eat. Well, after having that .2 removed, I lost my restriction almost completely and was able to eat whatever again...doesn't mean I should have eaten whatever, but I did :(  Anyway, I went back yesterday for a fill and we decided to add back .15 as they thought maybe my band was just irritated before. Well, when we viewed me drinking the barium under flouro, my doc noticed a small pouch dilation and that I was having reflux, even though I couldn't feel it. What the? So, they left the fill in, but I'm taking it back to basics and going through the mushies, then soft food and trying to focus on the number of times I chew and small bites. I never realized how small of bites you were supposed to take...they told me yesterday the bites should be the size of a man's thumb nail!!! Well, for sure, that hasn't been the size of any of my bites ;)  So, I'm now on My Fitness Pal and trying to track and follow my old weight watchers routine, but focusing on proteins and veggies more. I really hope I can work this thing and lose the pregnancy weight, as well as continuing on to try to lose more. Otherwise, it looks like I may have to have some sort of revision surgery. I'd really like to succeed with this band and need to realize its a tool and not just a quick fix...as those of us know who have one. Thanks for letting me rant. Hope to be back to blogging more often to keep me accountable...but in the meantime...here is a pic of me and my boys that are now 7 1/2 months old...just love them!
 A little sleepy in the below pic, but I just love their eyes!