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Thursday, May 31, 2012


I used to be able to "follow" other banders blogs by clicking on a word "follow" up in the left portion of the screen; however, I no longer see that. Does anyone know how I can follow others now????

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5th Fill

So, since the last time I had posted, I noticed that I was staying full longer and not able to eat as much at one sitting, but it only lasted for about a week, so today I went for my 5th fill. They gave me an additional .5 cc's, so I now have 7 cc's total in a 10 cc band. I think I notice something already because when I left I had a berry chiller (something like the consistency of a slushy) and I could feel something and its just ice and juice, so I can't wait until I start eating regular food to see how it works. I was doing really well last week and as of 05/25, I had lost a couple of lbs that I had put on so I'm now 30 lbs down. That's an average of 7.5 lbs a month, and I'll take it! This past weekend, however, with it being Memorial Day, I ate lots of stuff and drank lots of alcoholic (empty calorie) beverages, so I was up a few lbs this morning, but since I had my fill today and couldn't eat anything all day...I think I may have taken a bit of that off.  I just couldn't believe that I was able to eat rice, hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, even steak without any problems at all!  I am pretty sure I am focusing on the whole chewing aspect more, so maybe that's why, but I also was able to eat large portions...ughhhh!  I have decided to try to test myself to see if I can go until 4th of July without drinking. I am going to need all the support in the world on that one, since we go to many many social gatherings which seem to focus around food/drink.  Somehow I have to learn that my weight loss is more important than a drink! On that topic, I can also still drink carbonated beverages, including beer! No problems whatsoever...anyone else able to drink beer? I realize I am all over the place on this post, but my mind keeps jumping around, so hope you can bear with me :) Let me know how you are doing...I would love to hear!  Oh and here's a picture of me from 05/19/12 with my friend Nicole!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MIA & 4th Fill

OK...OK...I've been absent awhile and I here that as a blogger when you are absent you are just supposed to skip that part...lol. Apparently, that isn't me because I feel it necessary to apologize for not being on here more. Actually, I am on here reading others blogs but haven't been keeping up with my own..and I think that is because I have been a bit bad and haven't wanted to face that fact. As if somehow, by not writing it I wouldn't have to be held accountable for it. Well...truth is, that is a big bunch of SH** :) So...here I am and I'm back to give you an update since my 3rd fill. Well,I realized after my 3rd fill that I felt no difference at all...how frustrating! I could still eat anything I wanted...steak, bread, etc...ughhh! I really hoped I would feel something because I am already 3 months out of surgery and still had no restriction at all, which is really hard on the mind. So...I called up and got "another" fill scheduled for May 8th.  I was able to talk them into giving me 1 cc, instead of .5cc. I really hate that I  have to "talk" them into giving me what I really need, but I guess they are trying to make sure I am not overfilled. So anyway, between the 3rd and 4th fills I had gained significantly because I wasn't paying attention to anything that was going in my mouth.  However, as of this past weekend after the fill I did begin to notice something. I do get full a bit quicker and cannot eat certain things, so I may have some sort of restriction going on. I noticed I can't eat certain types of bread at this point, and white meat chicken causes a bit of pain when going down unless I chew very thoroughly. I also notice that unless I chew really good, rice hurts going down. So, I am assuming that I have something going on and am going to give it a little while to see if it helps. I am going to set up a 5th fill for the beginning of June because I don't think I'm quite where I am supposed to be in the "green zone". So, as of today I am now only down 22 lbs, but I do feel better and am doing better with the exercise, so now its all about maintaining brain control, and not go back to mindless eating. I am trying to pay attention to the signs of real hunger versus head hunger.  Does anyone else go from 0 to hungry?? I was talking to my husband and saying how I wasn't hungry at all when we normally eat dinner, and then like 15 minutes later I was starving...what the ???  Anyway, I will try to be more proactive and get on here more to keep you updated...whoever you may be...lol. Good luck in your journeys as well!