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Saturday, July 28, 2012

WOOP WOOP - Down .5 :)

I used to say I "only" lost .5, but I have learned that .5 is .5 and its a step in the right direction, so now I'm thrilled with any loss.  I am extremely happy about this particular .5 because I lost 5.5 last week, and usually following a big loss I gain,so WOO HOO! :)  I think I have a pretty good restriction right now, with 7.5 cc in my 10 cc band. It finally stretched, as I thought it would. Let me tell you that those initial 2 weeks of getting stuck on just about everything totally sucked, but now I'm good again and can get my proteins in! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I have to go to South Philly tonight for my husband's show, so wish me luck on keeping my alcohol consumption in check! LOL

Friday, July 20, 2012

YAY - it was water weight :)

So, after having a pretty tough week and a half because of being stuck, I am finally doing much much better on the food front and not getting stuck. I have been able to get more types of protein down and my lovely band has been helping with the portion size...that's all I ever wanted....lol...so thanks band! I am down 5.5 lbs this week...woo hoo...its the lowest that I have been since I got the band..down 36.5 lbs and very happy. I am ok with going slow...I just want to make sure I continue in the right direction. I decided to include a pic of me and my lovely hubby from our 4th of July BBQ on 7/7. Just a couple pics to show what I look like at the present time...have a great one people!
Yes, that's my bald baby ;)
 Yes, that's a yummy Margarita...holy calories!!! But...Oh so Good!
And lastly, them trying to get my modeling pose...HA!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Tight, but Not Nearly Like Before...

Thanks so much to those of you that have written or commented about my recent experience of being too tight and getting stuck a lot. I am happy to report that I have been able to get more types of food down, although not all. I have been able to get my proteins in and vegetables, so I am definitely happier. I still think I might be a little too tight, but I am going to wait a little while longer to see if it stretches at all, as that has happened to me in the past. Sometimes, I have what  I believe is a good restriction and then within 2 weeks, I don't have it anymore. I do know the importance of getting the right foods in and will definitely schedule for a little unfill if I don't feel a change in a week.  What a journey this is, trying to find the "green zone" :)  Wishing all of you success in this journey of ours!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Boooo...up 2, but think it's water weight...

So...I'm up 2 as of today, but I really do think its water weight because all I've been able to eat is soup for the last few days, with lots of sodium. I think I might be a bit overfilled because all of the sudden come Tuesday, I haven't been able to get much down without being stuck.  Funny thing is, well not so funny, but it seems all the fattening stuff still goes down, just not the stuff that's good for me. I have no problem with cupcakes or chips, but I can't get scrambled eggs, chicken, beef, pasta, or anything else down. This morning I was able to get a 1/2 of a granola bar down so hopefully it is stretching a little bit...this whole getting stuck thing sucks! And it hurts :(  Oh well..if it doesn't get better in a week I'll be traveling again to get some taken out. Hope you have a better weekend than my week...lol...have a great one!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back At it - With Good Restriction (For now :) )

Hello all of you wonderful bloggers and lurkers! It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I figure its time to update you on how life has been going for me. Let's see where to start...hmmmm...on 6/29 I weighed in at 295.5, and on 7/6 I weighed in at 294 which is my lowest this time around. I did go get a fill on 7/2 and they put an additional .5 cc's in my band, which now has 7.5 cc's (10 cc band).  I wanted to get it before the 4th of July so that I couldn't go crazy with the food, even though I could still go crazy with the drinks...lol. It helped!  I ate very little on the 4th, although I did have 3 shots of Chocolate Pretzels and about 4 Mike's Hard Lemonades. I did much better than in previous years because we normally play beer pong and I usually end up drinking a lot that way, but it was too stinking hot to be outside, so we had indoor poker and stuff to keep us occupied. I wonder if any of you have the same issue as me...initially I am able to eat a little more after a fill, but then a week later, something kicks in and my restriction seems to be great! Like today for lunch I ate a 1/2 of a hot dog without bun, 1 bite of an egg and a couple of bites of hash browns and was super stuffed! I still feel full and its been 2 hours already. I really hope this is the restriction I was looking for and that it lasts for a long time. Last time I got a fill, I had this feeling for about 2 weeks and then it diminished. I really want this to be the fill that worked! I have been doing pretty good with the exercise as well and getting in a 30-45 minute walk on most days. I am still trying to get all of my water in and am doing well in that area as well. Now, if I could get rid of some of the after dinner snacking/drinks, I think I would be on a great downward spiral. I definitely am starting to feel better physically and am gaining more energy and I have a whole closet full of clothes that fit again, so yay! On another note, my job had me up for a promotion about a month ago and they froze all promotions...booooooo, but I didn't fret and guess what??? Yesterday, my boss called to tell me that they lifted the freeze for a little while and he slipped mine through!!! WOO HOO...nice raise too ;)  This couldn't come at a better time because I just got a new Heating/AC/Hot Water Heater/Insulation and Washer/Dryer in the last month! So good things do come to those who wait and don't freak out...lol  Hope all of you are doing well. I hope to update you this Friday with another loss...Good luck!!!