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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Does Anyone Else Get Excited to Update Their Ticker?

Of course...only if its going in the direction that you want...lol. Well, today I was able to update my ticker and it shows another 3 lb loss since 2 weeks ago, so I'm super happy.This was over Christmas vacation, so to me that is a big accomplishment! I finally have most of my brain on right and am making pretty good choices.

On a separate  note, does anyone else experience the following after a fill? For some reason right after I get out of my mushy stage, which is about 3-4 days, I can kind of eat more and all types of things. I really can't figure it out, but then in about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, I finally get the restriction that I expected.  Just curious because this seems to happen to me with all fills...strange.

Also, I want to thank Athena Banded Warrior http://athenabandedwarrior.blogspot.com/ for stopping by and offering up some encouragement. She is a true inspiration to me, and I think I may take up Mountain Biking when it gets a little warmer.  Of course we have no mountains, so it will be more like trail riding or hill climbing when I get strong enough, but it sounds like a great workout that might actually be fun! So thanks for your blog...:)  Hope you all are doing well and heading the right way in this journey. I must say I really did think it would have been a lot easier and not as much work, but anything positive and worth achieving is worth the effort, so I'm going to continue striving!


  1. Athena does kick ass! Nice loss! Keep it up!

  2. I just started my journey to loose weight today lol.
    just after I got kicked by a hypertension attract this morning. Now I know I really need to kick some weight.. I found your blog while searching for blogs that could inspire me to really do well.

    thank you,
    Aryan Tan

    1. YAY! Good luck in your journey! I am still going through mine and am hoping to kick it up a notch with Mountain Biking or Trail Riding...thanks for stopping by!