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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Well..well...well...is this what some restriction feels like?

So, I'm not sure if I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be or if I hit my "green zone" or not, but let me tell you this...I have eaten very little and feel pretty well satisfied so I think I may just be there! I didn't have breakfast, somehow I drank my coffee and made it to lunch without being hungry. I know having something is important and on most days i do, but I just didn't feel like it today. By lunchtime I was starving, so I made a small sandwich (yes bread!), and didn't know if I would get stuck or not, but didn't. I only ate 3/4 of it and gave the rest to my hubby as I was full!! That never happens, so I don't know if its a fluke or if I'm there! I really hope I'm there because I travel 1.5 hours each way for a fill, so if I was there it would be fab! On another note, I made it through the first day of the weekend without a alcoholic beverage..go me! Today and tonight are going to be a test though, as I have a party.  I also was asked to bring a dessert, the famous Blonde Brownies....so I need to try to steer clear of eating them too! Well..enough rambling...hope you guys are doing good!


  1. yay!!! restriction..there is hope!

    1. YAY...I know...that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!! :)