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Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well..I've finally hit my biggest scale victory to date. This week I lost 5 lbs, which is absolutely freaking amazing considering where I am in this journey.....BUT, that's not even the victory :)  I have finally reached the # on the scale which is the lowest I've been in my adult life, as a matter of fact I'm even 35 lbs below where I graduated from high school!!! This feels so good. I was quite afraid my band wasn't going to help me get to goal, but when I started tracking my food it said I was eating too little calories to lose the weight. As soon as I increased the # of calories and continued to bump up the walking and mountain bike riding, BAM, it started dropping. I'm down 11 lbs this last month which is awesome considering I had gained 6 while on vacation during that time. I am refocused and ready to do this! I can't wait to be able to go to Great Adventure and other them parks without the fear of whether I will fit on the rides with my extremely physically fit husband....lol...thank you all for your help, support, guidance and just being there with blogs for me to read and gain inspiration! We WILL do this!

OH CRAP...I just noticed ANOTHER victory too!!! I now have less weight to go than I've already lost...WOOO FREAKING HOO!!! I'm down 72.5 and have approximately 70 to go to get to my initial goal weight of 185....not sure if that will be my goal weight or not as I've NEVER been small enough to know if it will look good or not. I still want curves and don't want to be skinny, per se, so I will cross that bridge WHEN I get there....very excited!


  1. Awesome! We love "lowest adult numbers!!" A lot!

  2. great job!