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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back At it - With Good Restriction (For now :) )

Hello all of you wonderful bloggers and lurkers! It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, so I figure its time to update you on how life has been going for me. Let's see where to start...hmmmm...on 6/29 I weighed in at 295.5, and on 7/6 I weighed in at 294 which is my lowest this time around. I did go get a fill on 7/2 and they put an additional .5 cc's in my band, which now has 7.5 cc's (10 cc band).  I wanted to get it before the 4th of July so that I couldn't go crazy with the food, even though I could still go crazy with the drinks...lol. It helped!  I ate very little on the 4th, although I did have 3 shots of Chocolate Pretzels and about 4 Mike's Hard Lemonades. I did much better than in previous years because we normally play beer pong and I usually end up drinking a lot that way, but it was too stinking hot to be outside, so we had indoor poker and stuff to keep us occupied. I wonder if any of you have the same issue as me...initially I am able to eat a little more after a fill, but then a week later, something kicks in and my restriction seems to be great! Like today for lunch I ate a 1/2 of a hot dog without bun, 1 bite of an egg and a couple of bites of hash browns and was super stuffed! I still feel full and its been 2 hours already. I really hope this is the restriction I was looking for and that it lasts for a long time. Last time I got a fill, I had this feeling for about 2 weeks and then it diminished. I really want this to be the fill that worked! I have been doing pretty good with the exercise as well and getting in a 30-45 minute walk on most days. I am still trying to get all of my water in and am doing well in that area as well. Now, if I could get rid of some of the after dinner snacking/drinks, I think I would be on a great downward spiral. I definitely am starting to feel better physically and am gaining more energy and I have a whole closet full of clothes that fit again, so yay! On another note, my job had me up for a promotion about a month ago and they froze all promotions...booooooo, but I didn't fret and guess what??? Yesterday, my boss called to tell me that they lifted the freeze for a little while and he slipped mine through!!! WOO HOO...nice raise too ;)  This couldn't come at a better time because I just got a new Heating/AC/Hot Water Heater/Insulation and Washer/Dryer in the last month! So good things do come to those who wait and don't freak out...lol  Hope all of you are doing well. I hope to update you this Friday with another loss...Good luck!!!