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Friday, July 20, 2012

YAY - it was water weight :)

So, after having a pretty tough week and a half because of being stuck, I am finally doing much much better on the food front and not getting stuck. I have been able to get more types of protein down and my lovely band has been helping with the portion size...that's all I ever wanted....lol...so thanks band! I am down 5.5 lbs this week...woo hoo...its the lowest that I have been since I got the band..down 36.5 lbs and very happy. I am ok with going slow...I just want to make sure I continue in the right direction. I decided to include a pic of me and my lovely hubby from our 4th of July BBQ on 7/7. Just a couple pics to show what I look like at the present time...have a great one people!
Yes, that's my bald baby ;)
 Yes, that's a yummy Margarita...holy calories!!! But...Oh so Good!
And lastly, them trying to get my modeling pose...HA!


  1. That's awesome! go you!!
    You look beautiful, and I love that top.

  2. You look really beautiful, you really do carry your weight very well! (that's not a backhanded compliment...just a compliment!)

    With you all the way on the margaritas. Le sigh on their calorie content....