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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3rd Fill

So...yesterday I had my third fill.  I had it in my mind that I really wanted as much restriction as possible so I almost turned on the crocodile tears so that they would give me a more aggressive fill than previous times. It worked :)  They were only going to give me 1 cc and I talked them into giving me 2cc's, so after my 3rd fill I now have 5.5 cc's in a 10 cc band. I really hope that this time I feel SOME sort of restriction because to-date I have felt no difference at all.  I also talked to the person that administered the fill and she had just returned from a lap-band conference where she heard that some doctor's put 4cc in the band during surgery, so she was going to bring that info back to my doctor and hope that he becomes a little less conservative. I have to tell you that it is extremely difficult relying on sheer willpower to do this. I know that the band is supposed to be a tool and you aren't supposed to rely on it, but at some point I have to think that it will work; otherwise, why did I get this surgery to begin with?  I probably won't be able to tell if I have any restriction at all, until I am able to take solid foods, which isn't until Saturday.  I surely hope I at least have some. I know I probably won't be in the "green zone", but even if I have a little restriction I will be happy to have some assistance. Hope all of you banders are doing well!


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog today and I'm so happy I did. I got banded on the 25th of Jan 2012, and we have lost just about the same weight. I started blogging at year2band.wordpress.com a year before I got banded. I currently have 7ml in a 12ml band but I have been struggling and really need the support. I can't wait to go through your blog! :-)

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you followed. I haven't been writing much lately because I have been soooo bad, but hey...what is a blog for if not to vent. I hope you are doing better than me at this point..i have been a little off track, but just had my 4th fill and notice "something" I'll blog about it shortly :) Hope we can help each other out along the way!

    1. It looks like we are both struggling!!! ugh!!!